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Divorce indicates a horrifying experience and situation which almost all societies in the world denounce.

In other words, we may describe divorce as end of marriage or death of marriage. Divorce is legal separation of husband and wife that brings an end to the married life as well as to the vows spouses took before sacred fire (In Hindu Marriages) and gathering of relatives of both the sides at the time of marriage. It closes the chapter of their marriage for ever. A promise the husband and wife made earlier to be loyal and faithful to each other forever is being broken. However, conditions and procedure of divorce differs from society to society, culture to culture etc.

Though number of divorce cases is increasing in Indian metro cities, but due to social and religious obligations, divorce rate is still quite low in India when it is compared with western countries. One important fact has been experienced by the experts in a latest study where it has been established that arranged marriages have lower rate of divorce as compared to love marriages.

Due to religious bent, family/social bonding and uphold of traditional values, divorce is still considered unwanted in India. Instead of running to the Courts for divorce, the elders of the families of both sides still prefer to sit together for mutual accord and sort out the differences mutually for wellbeing of the family. They preferably force husband and wife to sort out their difference and compromise to avoid the severe consequences of the divorce.

Legally, certain grounds have been notified by the Law for separation and ground of divorce under Hindu Marriage Act which includes any kind of sexual relationship outside marriage, cruelty and inflicting physical injury, conversion of religion by any one of them, mental or venereal illness, desertion by any of the spouses for at least two years etc etc. This is a long list indeed. This is very complicated procedure and lot of proof and details are required to get divorce through Courts. Grounds for divorce differ from religion to religion in India.

Western and advance countries have the highest rate of divorce. May be, the commitment and seriousness required for a stable married-life relationship is not so strong. Lack of social pressure and bent towards physical attraction may have contributed to this awful situation increasing alarming rate of divorce in those countries.

Whatsoever may be the reason, the higher rate of divorce indicates the lack of social, cultural and traditional values as well as insufficiency of mutual understanding and faith in each other. Such people consider marriage as fun and to be tried with.

Divorce is a horrifying state of affairs. Anyone of the spouse or both of them may or may not feel the pinch of divorce, but the children, if any, feel the worst impact of divorce during their life time. The innocents may never understand why their mother and father have separated. They feel the scar of negligence on their tender heart. They suffer the pain of being isolated by the parents. Most of them suffer from severe depression and stress. Emotionally they feel disturbed and they become prone to commit crime and develop personality disorders.

Father is considered rule-maker and discipline enforcing main figure in the family. In this context, it has also been observed that fatherless children easily fall prey to criminals and social elements.
Divorce affects both the parties financially and socially. Amount of income they had when as a couple generally dips down influencing children's education and their other activities. Lack of the father's presence greatly scratches the son's self-esteem and confidence. Daughter feels lack of protection in every field of life.
Though it is not difficult to identify who is responsible for the divorce. Whose behaviour or attitude and actions are accountable for the break of marriage? There may be lack of mental compatibility and thought pattern between the two. Or some habits or actions of anyone may irritate the other partner to such an extent that one has no option but to opt for divorce.

When both wife and husband fight to exercise their rights and have lack of tolerance and understanding, such situation arises.

In India, dowry system is also one of the reasons responsible for harassment of brides which often results in divorce. Though a strict law has been enforced in India to check the harassment cases of dowry yet misuse of this law in India is not uncommon.

Astrology has important role to play in such situation. In Indian Astrology, it is customary to match the horoscopes in advance before marriage. Marriage life problems can to some extent be avoided or reduced by matching the horoscopes of boys and girls in advance.

Mars, Saturn, Sun, Dragon's Head (Rahu) and Dragon's Tail (Ketu) have adverse effect on marriage if these planets are associated with seventh house or its lord. Particularly, Mars has very destructive role if posited adversely in a horoscope.

Apart from counselling, astrological help should also be taken from a learned astrologer to solve the married life problems which may have caused due to adverse placement of planets in the horoscopes. These remedies include mantra, yantra, gemstones and charity etc.

My two articles namely `Marriage Related Problem' and `Marriage Related Problem-ll' explain the causes and remedies for marriage related problems experienced by many of our readers.
May God save the world from the curse of divorce.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Marriage related problem - l

With the advancement of education and technology, the numbers of marriage related problems have also increased manifolds. Main reason which contributes to this problem is high expectations from married life in terms of materialistic approach.The following problems are generally experienced in the married life of a couple:

Lack of mental compatibility i.e. lack of understanding between the two;
  1. Delay in marriage;
  2. Husband harassing the woman on one or other context
  3. Woman not obedient i.e. creating unnecessary atmosphere
  4. Man may be physically weak
  5. Woman may have problem in conceiving
  6. Man may have understanding with his wife but not with his In-laws.
  7. Woman may not like to live with her in-laws;
  8. There is understanding between husband and wife but they are not living together i.e. man has to go far away for earning the bread
  9. There is understanding between the two, but due to feeble financial position, woman is not happy
  10. Woman doubts her husband integrity and feels sick due to her husband’s affair with other woman. (Sometimes, man has no intention like this, but due to his work- environment, he may have the unavoidable company of woman which creates suspense in the mind of woman. Here sometimes, woman’s doubt may be true or it may be simply wrong depending on the history of each case.

Case opposite to situation stated in the last para above.

It is always advisable to consult an astrologer before marriage.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Twelve Houses and Career

Twelve houses in a horoscope belong to various aspect of live of a person. Career wise each house has its own importance. Planets indicate the nature of career a person would like to choose. Placement of main or strong planets in various houses indicates the likely area of one’s career.

Let us start from the first house of the horoscope. First house is like self. It denotes success in the area of self employment.

Second house shows the area of career in banking, investments, finance, teaching, consultants, writing and publishing.

Third house is the house of communication. Suitable career for this house belongs to marketing, salesmanship, advertising, computer, web designing, traveling, writing and import export.

Fourth house belongs to land and vehicles. Career wise the area of agriculture, building material or builders, sale purchase of vehicles, mining etc. suits this house.

Fifth denotes speculation. Share marketing, brokers, finance, education etc. are the likely area of career.

Sixth house is the house of litigation, loan, diseases and disputes. Strong planet here points towards the career related to police, livelihood through service, court, loan- recovery, clinics etc. Maternal relations are helpful and fruitful.

Seventh house is the house of business and partnership including relations with females. Career of this house relates to partnership in business, trading etc. Business in the name of wife will be successful depending upon placement of planets.

Eighth house suits career relate to insurance. This house also belongs to secret powers including research etc. Astrology and magical powers are inherent for this house.

Ninth house is house of luck and religion. Career related to law, priest, head of religious body, travelling to religious places suits this house.

Tenth house in horoscope is known for connection with the government and politics. Career related to government jobs, politicians dealing with public life, falls under influence of this house.

Eleventh house is the house of income. All planets here give good results. Placement of many planets in this house indicates the income from various sources. Elder brother is helpful in earning the livelihood.

Twelth house shows career related to foreign countries, import export, travel agency, hospitals, prisons, etc.

To strengthen the desired house, suggestions from astrologer should be sought for.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Love Marriage

Love marriages are not new to the Indian Society. There are numerous instances in the history when boy married the girl of his choice or vice versa. According to Hindu Astrology, favourable combination of benefic planets helps to marry the person he loves.

Astrologically, fifth house in a horoscope represents love and romance. Seventh house belongs to spouse, Relation between fifth house lord and seventh house lord during transit may result in love marriage. This relation may be through exchange of lords of respective houses or through aspect. Marriage will be stable if this combination is being aspected by benefice planets mainly Jupiter. In case of malefic aspect marriage may be troublesome. Lack of faith in relations may end in the court cases. Malefic planets like Rahu, Mars or Saturn may bring disharmony and ultimately break in relations.

According to Vedic Astrology, Venus is the planet of love. Romance is indicated in a horoscope when Venus is in union with the Ascendant and is placed in one of these house i.e. 5th, 7th, and 11th house. How to look in horoscope whether the native will have love marriage or arranged marriage? 5th house symbolizes love and romance and the seventh house marriage. If there is any combination between the lords of these two houses, love marriage will take place whenever the benefic planets aspect them in transit.

Navamansha Kundali have its own importance while looking the marriage status. Results wills be favourable if any of auspicious planetary combination is formed there. In planets, Venus itself is sufficient for love marriage if well placed and being aspected by benefic planets.

Apart from Ascendant and Navamansha, Chandra Kundli should also be analysed.

Benefic planets in 5th or 7th house and their lord with strong Venus is the key for a successful love marriage. Still it is advisable to consult an astrologer for a smooth and happy married life.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to get married early

No one can deny the fact that by all means the purpose of marriage is to have offspring. Loving pairs may not be aware of this fact when they fall in love but when they get married they discover their offspring as a token of their love. This is natural and essential. Other purposes may be alliance between families and social bonding. Or we can say marriage is a pledge between two persons as well as between two families.

In ancient time royal people were passionate for making strong alliances for their protection and social status. Marriage was one of the tools to meet this requirement. As such no love marriages but mostly arranged marriages just like business deals.

But now, with the advancement of time, everything has changed. Love exists but the perception has changed. Today, young couples look for physical, mental, emotional and financial compatibility. Instantaneous connectivity has transformed the parameter of love and romance. Youngsters from new generation now prefer life partner of their choices. Before falling in love, they would like to know every thing about their partner like habits, look and professional status etc. Marriage is simply an approval and social rituals are left to be followed later on.

Love and then marriage is a natural process. Love and sex is one of the most required basic instincts in human beings forcing the lovers to knot tie with each other. But is it all we should define marriage? No doubt, physical union ship is integral part of marriage but the spiritual union ship between the life partners can not be overlooked. The life partners share their feeling and find their soul mate in each other. As the age advances, the physical requirement gradually fades and veiled spiritual bonding appears on the front side of flourishing married life. Until they are married, a couple's commitment to each other is a human commitment but after marriage it becomes a heavenly pledge. Marriage makes a relationship divine.

Role of Astrology in marriage

Astrologically speaking, a horoscope can indicate early or delayed marriage of an individual. In the horoscope of a male, the significator of marriage is Venus and the lord of seventh house. Presence of benefic planets in the seventh house show early marriage. Similarly, if the Lord of seventh house and Venus are well placed and have the aspect of benefic planets, an early marriage is possible.

On the other hand, if seventh house, Lord of seventh house and Venus are badly placed or have the aspect of malefic planets, a delayed marriage can be predicted.

In the horoscope of a female, Jupiter has a significant role for early and happy married life. If Jupiter and Lord of seventh are well placed and in the aspect of benefit planets, early and blissful married life can be forecast.

You can go through my article “Marriage related problems- Part I and II”. This is knowledgeable and interesting article which you will appreciate.

If you have marriage related problems,contact me for any astrological consultation and remedies.

Christian or European way of marriage

Contrary to Indian traditions, Christian wedding is short and simple. Marriage ceremony is held in the church where priest has a significant role in performing the rituals. Dress code is important part of Christian wedding. The bride is dressed up in white gown with a crown having bunch of white flowers. A white veil is used to cover the bride’s head. She also holds a flower in her hand to offer to groom.

The groom is dressed up in mostly black suit. As soon as the bride arrives at the church, she is received and welcome by the groom. Then the bride and the groom walk hand-in-hand towards the church. Passage to the church is decorated. In the church, the priest announces the beginning of the ceremony. He chants the sacred hymns before the couple and afterwards reads out certain holy verses of Bible.

Wedding rings are exchanged between the couple. The wedding couple pledges in front of the gathering. The couple is blessed by the priest who wishes them a happy and peaceful married life. He declares the couple as husband and wife which is witnessed by the assembled guests. The guests also offer their best wishes to the newly wed. After the wedding rituals are over, the couple registers themselves and walks out of church with hand in hand.

Wedding cake has its own importance in Christian wedding ceremonies. Bride and groom jointly cut the cake. The newly wed couple feed each other with the cake they have cut. The guests too share the cake with them. Now the guests are requested to participate in the wedding reception. They are served with meals and other preparations at the reception.

The gathering of relatives and friends enjoy a dance at the reception. The newly weds also participate in the dance.

In all the communities all over the world, wedding rituals and traditional are performed. These traditions may or may not have some meaning but one thing about traditions cannot be ignored. And that is traditions and customs unites the generations together.

How to get married in India

Marriage is most awaited celebration in Indian families. This is a big celebration with lot of traditions, rituals, guest gathering, feasts, and enjoyment. Preparations begin weeks before the date of main wedding function on both the sides. Indian marriages are known for their rituals and splendour presentation.

Every religion has its own system and rituals. In India, even in one religion, there are different rituals which represent their traditional values followed through their generations. In spite of this diversity, some basic traditions are found common in all such marriages.

Marriage preparations start when the selection of marriageable boy or girl is finalised by the parents of both the sides. Even if boy or girl know and love each other before marriage, the arrangement is mostly concluded by their parents and other senior members of both the families. Such love relations, when approved by the parents of both, is generally transformed in arranged marriage.

Mainly three ceremonies are important in Hindu Marriages. The first one is known as ROKA which means confirmation of the relations between boy and girl and their respective families. Second one is SAGAAI or Engagement or Ring Ceremony where wedding rings are exchanged and worn by each other as a token of their love and acceptance.

Henna is considered most auspicious and is used at all religious and blissful occasions in Indian culture. This practice has been given a special status in the marriages now a day. Henna is applied on the hand and feet of the bride just before the day of marriage. That night is fully enjoyed with music and traditional songs. Applying henna is considered a fortunate sign for happy married life.

The last and foremost ceremony is Wedding Ceremony. The bride groom with customary dress rides a horse and arrives at the door step of the bride accompanied by the dancing marriage-party. Bridegroom and the marriage-party is received and welcome by the relatives and friends of the bride side. Here some rituals are performed and finally Garland Ceremony (VARMALA) starts where bride and bridegroom garland each other. Now a day preferably a stage is built for this purpose.

A dinner to the marriage-party is hosted by the bride side and finally begins the rituals which fasten both bridegroom and bride in an eternal bond. A special altar (MANDAP) is built on the wedding venue. In Hindus, marriage is not total until seven religious rounds (SAAT PHERE) of fire are not taken by bride and bridegroom. Fire is considered ultimate and sacred God who, it is believed, witnesses these rounds. Seven Rounds mean seven wedding vows made by bridegroom and bride to each other to follow righteous path in married life. Vermilion powder is applied by the bridegroom in the hair of bride and finally they become husband and wife.

The last ceremony is BIDAAI (Farewell) Ceremony. The girl bids emotional goodbye to her parents to reside with her husband for the whole life.

In married life, both husband and wife are loaded with responsibilities and duties towards each other and the society as well. Here importance of customs and rituals cannot be ruled out as wedding customs and rituals remind them of their obligations and also unite them in a holy and divine relationship.

Role of Communication in Marriage

Psychologists believe that a man is task-oriented and a woman relationship-oriented. Man should not force his views on woman trying his logical skills. For a smooth and happy marriage both the partners have to understand their mate and his/her approach to life. This situation may involve some communication and discussion from both the sides. This arrangement often helps to plan time together doing activities that both enjoy as well as allowing desired space to each other.
Talking is Important in a Marriage
Marriage is a lifelong commitment. Talking and communication is the best way to keep it alive and fresh. Differences, if any, should be sorted out through talking and discussions. Understanding the differences in the way men and women think is a great step towards living in harmony together.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


“Whenever, I remember those painful memories, I feel awful and it pains me a lot. I feel highly depressed”

“I have a lot to do right from the morning, take care of my six months old son, worry about daily house work, spare time for my preparation of job, I hardly find any time for myself and my daily needs’. Really, I go through lot of depression”

“I go to school and I worry mostly about my grades. I have no friends and I am sometimes jealous of girls because they are so talkative and pretty and have boyfriend.  I feel tensed”.

“I am worried about my marriageable daughter.  She is not getting any suitable match. She is getting old.  I am always anxious”.

“I belong to a well to do family but I always feel depressed, I don’t know why”.

This is what we hea4r all around us. It appears everyone is depressed and stressful. Every one is running just like a machine and has no time to think for a moment for self insight.

What is depression?

Depression is a common mental disorder which is reflected by the behaviour of the sufferer. Occurrence of sad mood and loss of interest in day to day activities are few examples of depression. Clinically speaking, depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain. As such social and physical activities are affected. 
Depression is a mental state of excessive sadness categorized by constantly low mood, loss of pleasure and interest.

Symptoms of Depression:

Low self-esteem is quite related with depression.  There are sudden bursts of rage. Lack of pleasure from activities that normally make you happy including sex is also seen when a person is depressed. Other symptoms include:
•    Disturbance in sound sleep.
•    Fatigue and lack of energy
•    Lack of concentration
•    Feeling of restlessness and irritability
•    Low esteem
•    Sluggish activities
•    Loss of appetite
•    Thoughts of suicide

Causes of Depression:

The main causes of depression can be categorised as under:
  1. Genetic
  2. Biological
  3. Environmental
Either all of these or any one of the above factors can develop depression. During depression, brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters, become imbalanced. In some cases heredity factor is also responsible for causing depression in coming generations.
We face difficult life style now days. Mostly we do not find situations under our control which may cause transfers, loss and other unwanted situations.
Individual thinking process may also cause depression. The individual may have negative thinking and may also have tendency towards worry and pessimism. Overdependence on others can also contribute to depression and stress.

Child Depression
Children equally suffer from depression. It appears that they suffer more than the adults for the simple reason that they do not speak of their depression with others. Adults have got choice to find out the ways to come out of depression but children generally do not get such opportunities. Children express their state of depression by means of changes in their school performance, behaviour or sleep.
It has been observed that children of divorced couple are more prone to depression. They have no choice but to bear the situation. Gradually, they develop stress and depression causing behavioural changes like sad mood, feeling of guilt, disturbed sleep and appetite, low energy, lack of concentration and much more. Severe depression may even develop suicidal tendency amongst children particularly when the examination results are announced. Parents should be cautious and should immediately consult doctor whenever they observe such symptoms of depression in their children.

Adult Depression

Like children, depression in adults is quite common and widespread.  Adults have wide area of activities and generally they come across depression at any time in life in any of the area connected with their hectic life style.
The main causes of depression amongst teenagers are more or less the same e.g. hereditary, imbalance of neurotransmitters and environmental but adults have one more reason for getting stressful and that is change in hormones at adolescence stage and physical changes associated with them. Hormones like estrogens mostly in girls and testosterone in boys affect their moods very often.
Teenagers have also to face stressful situation for setting their career or getting admission through severe competition.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Ahoi Ashtami Vrat will be celebrated this year on 11th October 2009.Ahoi Ashtami Vrat is one of the most important festivals in North India. Ahoi Ashtami falls on the eighth day of dark fortnight (Krishna Paksh) in Kartik month. Ahoi Ashtami Puja and Vrat is dedicated to Ahoi Mata Bhagavati by mothers for the welfare and long life of their sons. For this, mothers keep fast through out the day. Only after offering water to stars in the evening and praying for the longevity of their sons, the mothers break fast.

A painting of Ahoi Mata is prepared on the wall of the house with red colour. Name of all the male members of the family are written along with symbols of Sun, Moon, plant of Holy Basil and other auspicious items in the frame of painting.

Nowadays due to lack of time, a picture or idol is placed in the Puja room of the house. Apart from this a small pitcher with water is placed on the left of the picture of Ahoi Mata. Some chest nuts (singhadha) are also placed in the Puja. Tilak of Haldi is applied on the forehead of the members of family.

A small garland made with silver beads is also placed before the deity. This garland is considered very auspicious for the family.In the evening ladies in the family listen to Ahoi Vrat Katha from one elderly lady of the family.

Vrat Katha point out the importance of this Vrat and is connected with the story of a mother who had lost her seven sons as a curse when she unintentionally killed a cub in the forest. However, with the blessing and Vrat of Ahoi Mata she was able to get back all her sons.

This is my much loved festival. Since my childhood till now I wait excitedly for this festival every year. In my early days, I was very inquisitive to celebrate this event and used to practice painting of Ahoi Mata with red colour on the wall and helping family members in the rituals of worshipping the Goddess Ahoi Maa Bhagawati. The pleasant climate during this period adds to the holiness of this festival.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This year Karwa Chauth will be celebrated on 26th October 2010 on Saturday.

India’s traditions offer many colorful festivals. Karwa Chauth is one of such occasions signifying its importance for individual as well as for social cause.

Considered as most auspicious festival amongst married women in India, Karwa Chauth falls on the fourth day of the Kartik month by the Hindu calendar (fourth day of the waning moon or the dark fortnight). Karwa Chauth is more popular amongst North Indians married women.

This is most important festival for married women in India who keep fast and offer special prayers in the traditional manner on this day for the longevity and prosperity of their husbands. On this day the women pray God for the welfare and long life of their husbands. Blessing of God is sought. This is most difficult fast as women do not even drink water during fast.

Even unmarried girls keep fast for their would-be life partner.

On every festival Henna application on hands and feet is an age old tradition in India for good luck and prosperity. Hands are decorated by making attractive designs with henna. It is believed - more the dark color more love from beloved.

The fast is occluded only after offering prayers and worshipping the moon at night.

Women enjoy this festival with great enthusiasm and present suitable gifts to each other wishing Happy Karwa Chauth.


How to improve your Concentration

Lack of concentration- a growing problem amongst kids and young persons.Parents are worried about their children that they are not getting well in their studies due to short memory or lack of concentration etc. This is a true story in most of the families. Children are not showing much interest in studies as they have vast surrounding of different entertainment gadgets. These gifts of modern technology include great number of channels on TVs, introduction of special programmes for children; 24 hours cartoon networks; filmy entertainment and many more other ever growing amusements channels being introduced frequently by various TV Channels.

As if this was not enough, mobile with lot of other facilities came into picture. Students who are weak in their studies find this type of reward more exciting. Parents provide these facilities in anticipation that they have fulfilled the desire of their children and that they would take more interest in their studies. But when students do not excel the parents are worried. They try to find out other solution for the betterment of studies.

However, the facts mentioned above may be appealing, but these cannot be conclusive altogether. Students who are availing all these facilities are still best at their studies and those without it have been found loosing their grades. All this is a matter of concentration.Is it possible to increase concentration power? How to improve memory, how to focus on the activities you are performing and how to understand the concepts of your subject easily.

Monday, September 28, 2009


One of our readers has desired to know the method of worshiping Maa Katyaani who is the giver of married life bliss.

Our readers may also like to know the same.

The general purpose of Maa Katyaani Pooja is to pray the Goddess for the early or timely marriage of an individual mostly girl. Even the boy who is facing such problems is suggested to perform this puja to get the favorable results.

There are enormous reasons for a delayed marriage in a horoscope- may it be Manglik dosh or debilitated seventh house, a weak Jupiter or aspect of malefic planets on the seventh house or on Jupiter and so on.

Even the married couples facing problems in their married life are recommended to perform this Puja to resolve their problems.

It is said that Katyani Vrat was done by Rukmini and she got Lord Krishna as her husband after completion of the Udyapana.

This Vrata is done for seven consecutive Tuesdays. A photograph of Maa Katyani is placed at a sacred place in your house. You should face North or East or North East while performing Puja. A coconut, a red coloured cloth (which is used by a lady) and a Mangalsutra is required. These items should be placed before the photograph. Some Prasad along with other usual puja items like flowers, kukum, paan, cow ghee, gandh, agarbatti and akshat etc.are also required.

Katyani Strotam or Katyani Vrat Katha is to be chanted early in the morning after taking bath, Red dress should be worn.Katyani Strotam book is available from any Religious Book Store. Fast is to be observed with the prayers to the Goddess for the fulfillment of your desire. In the evening, you can take some sweet,fruits with milk.

Udyapana will be done later on the 8th week by inviting 7 Married Ladies.Their blessing is to be obtained after offering them meal with sweet dish, prasad and clothes etc. Red blouse piece should also be given.

In South India, seven pieces of Sugar cane branch is also given to each lady.


Monday, September 14, 2009


 Navratri begins on the first day of the bright half of Ashvini (September-October). Navratri ends on the ninth day of Ashvini. The tenth day is celebrated as Dussehra or Vijaya Dashami. This year, the first Navratra will start from 19 September 2009.

Hindus have great regard for this festival which is celebrated in honour of the nine manifestations of Goddess Durga. Navratri denotes nine nights. Navratri is celebrated as a symbol of victory of Goddess Durga over Mahishasura,the demon.

During Navratri festival, she is worshipped under nine different names through out nine days of Navratri. From the first day the worship of following Goddesses starts in the order given below:

1. Ma Shailputri
2. Ma Brahmacharini
3. Ma Chandraghanta
4. Ma Kushmanda
5. Ma Skandamata
6. Ma Katyayani
7. Ma Kalaratri
8. Ma MahaGouri
9. Ma Siddhidatri

All the above Goddesses are worshipped in the form of SHAKTI. The first one Shailputri, daughter of Himalayas is other half of Lord Shiva and the last one who is worshipped as Siddhidatri, has a seat of lotus. All the saints, rishis and yogis and devotees worship the ninth manifestation of Goddess Durga to attain siddhis. People also observe fast on all the nine days to be blessed with knowledge, wealth, prosperity and all the comforts of life.

Fast is observed and only pure and vegetarian meal, fruits and milk is taken only once during the day. Some people choose only two days and some three days to observe the fast according to their capacity.One should chant Durga Mantras or Durga Sapshati during this period. The following mantra can also be chanted:

‘Aaim hreem kleem chamundayai vichche’

The places worth visiting in India during Navratri are West Bengal and Gujarat where special arrangements are made to celebrate this great festival by raising big pandals, jhankis etc. Dances are performed specially Garba in Gujarat and foreigners specially wait to visit these states during Navrati to witness the enthusiasm of Hindus.


Marriages related problems-2

In continuation of my previous article, I shall now discuss the importance of seventh house in interpreting the married life status of an individual.In order to interpret 7th house, the following issues should be taken care of:

  • Look at the 7th house. Planets placed in 7th house. If natural benefic are placed in 7th house, the result will be auspicious. If natural malefic planets are posited in 7th house, result will be inauspicious. Marriage will be delayed and problems will be experienced in finding out a suitable spouse.

  • Now look at the lord of 7th house. If the lord of 7th house is aspecting its own house, i.e. 7th house, there will be harmony in married life.

  • If natural malefic planets are aspecting 7th house, there will be delay in marriage.

  • 8th house in horoscope indicates longevity of the spouse. This should be interpreted carefully. If malefic planets are placed in 8th house, re-think before proceeding further. But if the malefic planets are posited in 8th house of both (boys and girl) the effect is cancelled and their match can be considered.

  • Jupiter, being significator (Karak) for marriage always plays important role and favours marriage during its transit in particular houses in horoscope.

  • Mars in the horoscope of girl in another important planet to consider harmony and happiness in the married life. This should also be interpreted carefully.

  • Similarly, Venus plays important role in the horoscope of boy.

  • Tenth house present in-laws and third house brother-in-laws and sister-in laws. The position of the planets in horoscope representing these houses shows good or bad relations with in-laws.

In my next article, I shall discuss the remedial measures related to problems experienced in married life and how to maintain harmony in married life. Readers can also send their problems related to marriage in this blog. Remedial measures will be suggested according to the planetary pattern in the horoscopes. Remember to send the details of horoscopes of both wife and husband or their respective dates of birth.

Wish a happy married life to all my readers.

Monday, September 7, 2009

How to match a horoscope before marriage

'Marriages are arranged in heaven' is an old saying. If this is true then is there any need to match the horoscopes before proceeding for the marriage. Yes, it is almost necessary because ancient saints by virtue of their knowledge have found out the factors responsible for disturbances in a married life which otherwise ought to be smooth. They have also revealed the remedial measures to bring the train back on the track.

Whenever, we go to astrologer for matching the horoscope of marriageable boy and girl, we simply ask him to confirm about the number of points (gunas) available in the horoscope of both. When the number exceeds more than 18 out of a total of 36, we become sure that matching is satisfactory. More the numbers more the satisfaction. We do not go beyond that except the Manglik Dosh. Even most of the astrologers generally approve this theory and nod for the marriage. But practically, this is not the only criteria for a successful marriage, I my self have seen the lack of harmony and availability of disturbance in married life of couples who have scored 28 or 32 gunas out of 36. They or their parents raise fingers on the sanctity of the ancient art of astrology. So, whenever marriage is considered, the natal charts of the would-be bride and groom should be thoroughly evaluated for a happy married life. Now let us start from the importance of Gunas.
While matching gunas we consider Ashtakut Guna Milan (as per Indian astrology) the details of which are given in the following chart:

Koot Max-Marks allotted Area concerned in life
Varan 1 Deed
Vashya 2 Nature
Tara 3 Destiny
Yoni 4 Progeny
Graha 5 Relationship
Gana 6 Sociality
Bhakoot 7 Life
Nadi 8 Longevity
Total 36

As per Indian Astrology texts, if Bhakoota is auspicious, it ensures successful marriage. Gunas are matched on the basis of Ashtkoota. Bhakoota is 7th in the Ashtkoota. Bhakoota is directly related to the mental plane of husband and wife. Bhakoota are known as:
  1. 1st and 7th place relation
  2. 2nd and 12th place relation
  3. 3rd and 11th place relation
  4. 4th and 10th place relation
  5. 5th and 9th place relation
  6. 6th place relation
Combination at S. No. a), c) and d) are considered to be auspicious for matching compatibility. Birth signs of 1st and 7th place from each other get a happy married life blessed with good children.

Similarly placement of birth signs found in 3rd and 11th place from one another's birth signs bestows financially stability and prosperity in married life. Similarly, if birth signs are in 4th and 10th place the relations will be cordial. As already discussed, other than ashtkoota Milan, the house and planets of both horoscopes must be interpreted properly to ensure smooth life. In other article I shall not discuss the manglik/kuj dosha which appears in a horoscope if Mars is posited in 1,4,7,8 or 12 house of a natal chart.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and planetary pattern

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder and is expressed by recurrent, unwanted thoughts, repetitive behaviors. Repetitive behaviors can include cleaning, counting, hand washing are generally performed with the hope of preventing obsessive thoughts. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is the fourth most common mental disorder and it is as common as diabetes and asthma.
I know one of my close freind who is  sufferer of OCD (Obsessive Compulsion Disorder) discussed this problem with me and presented his horoscope to study whether stars have to do something with  this disorder. I  observed his horoscope and found that yes this disorder can be located in the horoscope. For long, I have been trying to find out whether planets have their role in gifting this disorder to a native. Interestingly, in the horoscope, of my friend (which is as under) it has clear indication. I shall try to elaborate that planets do have their role in giving a particular disorder depending upon their placement in the horoscope. The following planetary position may have contributed to this problem in his horoscope:-
i. Mercury and Sun in twelfth house. Though Mercury (Lord of ninth house) is exalted, but the placement in twelfth house has weakened both the planets.

ii. Moon in sixth house aspecting Mercury.

iii. Moon in Pisces makes a person restless, easily depressed and over sensitive. He cannot even tolerate the slightest sufferings and takes every thing emotionally. It is generally hard for him to digest the practical aspects of life.

iv. Presence of Mars and Ketu (Dragon’s tail) in the first house (House representing Brain).

v.  Mars and Ketu (In first house) being aspected by Saturn from the eleventh house.

vi. Rahu (Dragon’s Head) in Aries Sign aspecting the ascendant from seventh house. Rahu being in fiery sign has absorbed the quality of Aries.

Natives of Libra ascendant (which is considered a symbol of balance -TULA) are considered to have great sense of justice. They cannot tolerate injustice to any one - even to animals. When they face a situation which shows the sign of injustice to others and self they feel hurt. If Moon and Mercury are not strong enough, they take some hurting incident at heart and may develop the sign of OCD in due course. Moon in sixth house and Mercury in twelfth house have helped him to develop this disorder. I think, apart from other factors, this is the main planetary pattern contributing for development of OCD in his horoscope.

Rahu (Dragon’s Head) is the second main reason for this development which is placed in seventh house and aspecting First House. If not well placed, Rahu is famously known for giving psychic disorders to native.
In nutshell, First house (House of Brain and thoughts) is badly affected by presence of Mars and Ketu in it and being aspected by weak Saturn (the planet affecting nervous system) and horrible Rahu. Moreover, the presence of Moon in sixth house and Mercury in twelfth house (already discussed above) has its pivotal role in providing this GIFT to him. This is interesting to note that disorder is not inherited and no one in his family has symptoms of this type of disorder.

I have presented my views after deeply observing his horoscope and as per guidelines of Vedic Astrology which is unique in finding out psychic nature of a person.
One more point, OCD is hardly curable unless you run away or keep away from the situation which has caused it. Sympathetic attitude of family members and the company he is living in can help to some extent.
So far as possible remedies of OCD are concerned I will discuss the same in my next article.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Libra Ascendant Part-2

In continuation of previous post, (Horoscope already provided), I would like to mention about the placement of Saturn, a yog karak(highly beneficial) planet for Libra ascendant. I have practically noticed that during its Major period (mahadasha) or Major Sub-period (antardasa) it provides favourable results. However, period of Sadhe sati ( it is a period when Saturn passes through 12th, 1st & 2nd houses of one's natal Moon), to these natives may give health problems.

Results of Saturn depend on its placement in the horoscope. Saturn, who is considered highly beneficial in eleventh house, is placed in the horoscope in eleventh but in Leo sign. Placement in Leo sign has prevented Saturn to give all its fruitful results.

i. Saturn is lord of fourth house and is placed eighth from its lord. A weak position.

ii. Dragon`s head (Rahu) is aspecting shani from seventh house.

iii. Mars aspecting fourth house from ascendant.

iv. Saturn in Leo.

All the above factors have not given stability relating to matters of fourth house, mental peace, comforts, home, relatives and neighbourers etc. He changed his residence many a times in the hope to get a better environment, but with no change in the situation. He had problems with his neighbourers for maintaining good relations with them.   Angarak Yog (Mars and Dragon`s head aspecting each other) has always helped him to remain stressful due to cheating or otherwise.

I await posts from the natives who are facing more or less the same situations and role of Lord of the fourth house and planets posited in it apart from the planets aspecting fourth house in their horoscope to reaffirm our faith in Predictive Indian Astrology.

About the role and result of other planets, I shall write in my next post.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Libra Ascendant

I have Libra ascendant and I invite all those to offer their views who have this ascendant to discuss the various aspects of life and incidence which may be common for this ascendant. What I have experienced in my life, I shall discuss in this blog. Do the planets placed in a particular house for Libra ascendant have more or less the same effect for that particular house for all those who have this ascendant? For example, I have Mars in my first house, which is considered malefic for this ascendant being the lord of two marak(death inflicting planet) houses. However, ascendant is being aspected by Saturn from eleventh house and Dragon`s head (rahu) from seventh house. By nature, it has made me short tempered, stressful and depressed. I always had problem related to acidity. I had also gone bypass surgery in 1997, but not in Mars Major period (Dasha) or Mars Major Sub-period (Antardasha) but in Moon Major period (Mahadasa) and Ketu Major Sub period (Antardasa). Should not Mars have some role in this operation of heart (fourth house being aspected by Mars). However, period of Sadhesati (it is a period when Saturn passes through 12th, 1st & 2nd houses of one's natal Moon) was going through at that time. My horoscope is as under:

Generally persons with Libra (tula) ascendant and Mars/Dragon`s tail(ketu) in first house have the tendency of suffering from acidity, depression etc. They too suffered from heart problems.